The Covid-19 Open Questions Project

The Covid-19 Open Questions Project encourages more reflection and conversation about the challenges of making socially impactful decisions under conditions of uncertainty and threat.

Covid-19 has impacted people everywhere. A novel and incompletely understood virus has spread quickly across the globe. The spectre of a devastating loss of human life consequences has motivated governments to untested and disruptive protective responses. People have had little time and space for questions and reflection. Better understanding of how people are viewing the uncertainties today would be useful.

This survey includes 12 multiple choice questions about COVID-19 virus and our collective responses to the pandemic. We recognize that opinions may evolve with time and anticipate repeating this survey at a future time point. The survey is anonymous.

The target audience for the survey is broad as the decisions concern all of us. If you would to use this survey yourself with a particular group of participants, please contact the survey team. Direct inquiries to:

We will post summary results here after we have collected represtantive information. Sll data will be publicly available at the end of the project.

We hope that our analysis and sharing of the responses will support reflection and conversation about uncertainties and understanding of how uncertainties challenge an optimal societal response.

Thank you

The Covid-19 Open Questions Project

Rajiv Bhatia, MD, MPH, Stanford University and The Civic Engine

Jeffrey Klausner MD MPH, University of California at Los Angeles

Jennifer Scheper Hughes, PhD, University of California at Riverside

Jason Corburn, PhD, University of California at Berkeley

Please contribute your perspectives by taking the Covid-19 Open Questions Survey here