Health Impact Assessment (HIA) characterizes the potential human health effects of public policies.The Health Impact Assessment Guide for Practice describes the key tasks and activities and issues and challenges that arise in HIA practice.

Local, state or federal government agencies are required to monitor public health and safety standards for residential buildings. A single residential property may be subject to many laws enforced by multiple local agencies. The House Facts Open Data Standard is a uniform format for reporting government data on the operation, safety, and performance of residential buildings. Public disclosure of data on housing regulations has many consumer, governmental, research, and commercial applications and can lead to pro-active government regulation and greater responsibility by property owners.

We designed the The Roots to Health Screening Questionnaire and the Roots to Health Survey to assess unmet basic needs in healthcare settings. The Roots to Health Screening Questionnaire includes six questions to identify common circumstances that could intefere with effective health care. The Roots to Health Survey is an self-administered survey to evaluate a range of basic needs including adequate work, financial security, stable housing, food security, mobility, safe neighborhoods, and social support. The Health Roots Screening Questionnaire and the Risk Assessment are open source documents under a creative commons licence; anyone may use or adapt them freely with attribution.

Developed by a group of leading HIA practititioners, these internationally recognized standards identify the minimum elements of HIA and benchmarks for effective practice.